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Bianca helped us throughout the renovation project, with house plans, defining the scope of work, and coming up with interior design proposals. She was brilliant at taking us through the process, making things easier for us to plan and manage, and coming up with ideas within our budget.


Working with Bianca and Agile Interior Design was an absolute pleasure. They transformed our house, which needed extensive repairs and had an impractical layout, into our dream home. They handled everything from full rewiring to installing new plumbing, heating, and windows. They also built ensuites, a spacious extension, and a space-saving loft conversion that doubled as an office. Our friends were impressed with the furnishings and colors used during our parties. When we remortgaged, the bank valued our property at twice the cost of the refurbishment.

Mike Wood

I bought a house with the intetion of flipping it and Agile Interior Design did such a fantastic job that I got multiple bids and 10% over asking price. Bianca is an experienced architect and interior designer who provided multiple layout options and practical advice that saved money. The house had a full rewiring, a new kitchen, 2x updated bathrooms, sound and thermal insulation, walls decorated, furnishings + decorations for staging. Creative use of materials – microcemennt for flooring and render for feature walls made it stand out and build in wardrobes blended with walls. Amazing work!


As a property investor, I needed to convert a 4-bed house into a luxurious 6 ensuite HMO. Bianca from Agile Interior Design was crucial in this transformation. She created detailed architectural plans and a schedule of works, aiding me in obtaining quotes. Her interior design expertise ensured balanced room sizes, added en-suites, and a modern space for professionals. Bianca also supported with building regulations and compliance. I will continue relying on Agile Interior Design for all my drawings and property refurbishment projects.